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Rental Home Investments

Rental homes whether they be single-family detached properties, condos, two, three or four-unit properties share many of the same benefits.  Most people instinctively understand many of

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Top 5 kitchen Trends for 20212

Here are the top 5 kitchen trends homeowners and homebuyers will likely want in 2021:Marble, not granite, countertopsAfter years of being center stage in kitchens across America, granite is moving

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What to AVOID after qualifying for a mortgage

Once you’ve found the right home and applied for a mortgage, there are some key things to keep in mind before you close. You’re undoubtedly excited about the opportunity to decorate your

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Would you move if it was to your advantage?

A much-repeated investment strategy is to buy low and sell high.  Some people who purchased around the financial crisis of 2010-2012 are poised to make considerable profits.The median home

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